At just about every event I attend, someone will ask me how I got started painting ornaments.  Here is my story...

It all started about 25 years ago one Christmas Eve, when

I had lost my job and had little money to buy gifts for my

family.  I had been to the store, searched for a parking

space, fought the crowds, and just could not find the

perfect gifts for my family within the budget I had.  I

came home tired and defeated.  I sat down in my studio

and sighed.  There, at the corner of my desk was box of

Christmas ornaments.  I had an idea!

Christmas morning came and I will never forget that day.  Snow covered the

ground, the tree was ablaze with lights, the fire place was crackling away and

holiday music softly played in the background.  It was the perfect Christmas Day. 

We were all together around the tree opening presents.  My family opened my gifts

and were surprised they each had a personal ornament.  Where did you get these? 

When I told them I had made them, they were shocked.  My father’s fire truck, my

mother’s dog, "Honey Pooch," my sister’s favorite cartoon characters.  I also gave

them to my friends who urged me to sell them.

Well, that was a long time ago, almost 25 years and I have been painting ornaments

ever since.  Please look through the pages and I hope you enjoy the ornaments I have

painted. I can paint anything you would like, each ornament is made just for you. 

They are not decals, made by a computerized machine or made overseas.  They are

made here in the U.S.A and personally painted by me.

My name is Mike Riehl and I am The Ornament Guy.

home of the hand-painted ornament!

The Ornament Guy